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The Best Dressed of the Premier League

As the Barclays Premier League season enters the festive period, fans, players and managers across the country are bracing themselves for the oncoming plummeting temperatures, freezing winds, blustery conditions and even the odd snowfall. The English winter may not be as harsh as other countries dotted across the globe but it certainly packs a rather bitter punch.

Of course, the arrival of the nippy weather presents quite the conundrum for Premier League managers. Squad selection may prove a sticking point; will certain players be prepared to slide on frozen ground? How will they cope in sub-zero temperatures? Perhaps more importantly, managers will have to decide what to wear. Now the Premier League isn't exactly London Fashion Week but it does boast a number of stylish football fashionistas. Just take a look at these... 

1. Roberto Martinez (Everton F.C)

Roberto Martinez has long been considered as one of the most stylish managers to grace the Premier League in recent years. As one sports column described 'it's almost as if style simply comes naturally to him'. First things first, Martinez is a suit man. You can forget seeing this chap is a Tony Pulis type tracksuit anytime soon. Come rain or shine, the young Spaniard will stick with his customary suit, jacket and shoes.

On Tuesday night's visit to Old Trafford, Martinez sported a dark blue tailored suit alongside a fitted black jacket. The brown shoes were a bit of a gamble but I think it's fair to say Martinez just about pulls it off.

Verdict: It's all about style over substance with Martinez. Don't expect to see a Mancini-esque scarf or gloves any time soon either.

2. Andre Villas-Boas (Tottenham Hotspur F.C)

Andre Villas-Boas may well be currently struggling for results with his team on the field, but off it, the young Portuguese manager is picking up all the points with his frequently tailored suits, slim fit designer jackets and matching polished shoes. Even during his Chelsea days, Villas-Boas always managed to maintain his pristine image.

Villas-Boas is all about the tactics. With some local London weather reports predicting rainfall during the midweek match at Fulham, the Tottenham boss opted for the trusted combination of a tailored suit and club-branded waterproof. On drier days, however, expect to see AVB in his usual black coat, suit and black shoes.

Fighting back: Andre Villas-Boas tries to hold back the elements at White Hart Lane

Verdict: Simple yet effective. That seems to be the ethos behind AVB's designer wardrobe. Wouldn't look out of place on an M&S advert.

3. Mauricio Pochettino (Southampton F.C)

Mauricio Pochettino is one of the few managers in the Premier League who is often spotted in the dugout in either a suit or a tracksuit. As a manager, you are either a suit man or a Tony Pulis (tracksuit, boots laced up and a baseball cap on for good measure). It's a simple choice but one you stick by. Pochettino, however, tends to mix and match his outfits as the fixtures come and go with some notable success.

There is only one word to describe some of Pochettino's suits; sharp. It's not uncommon to spot the Argentine wearing a suit alongside a club-branded jacket. It has to be said that club-branded jackets seem to be a hot favourite amongst a number of Premier League managers this season.

Have you ever seen a manager rock a pair of Levi's at a Premier League game? Nor had I. Make of this decision what you will but Pochettino still manages to pull it off. The black shoes and matching jacket restore a much needed sense of elegance but maybe next time leave the jeans at home. They won't be missed.

Here we see the Southampton manager in his trusted black and white Adidas tracksuit. With the coaching staff often sporting the same number as Pochettino on game days, the Southampton dugout is the home of stylised tracksuits. Usually a slim-fit, something Tony Pulis regards as unpractical, Pochettino cuts a rather snug figure which, on a breezy day, certainly can't be a bad thing.

Verdict: Mauricio Pochettino definitely has a fashion sense, that much is clear. Similar to that of Roberto Martinez and Andre Villas-Boas, it's all about the style over substance. Staying warm is subsidiary to staying smart. Though for future reference, leave the jeans at home and stick with a smart trouser.

4. Alan Pardew (Newcastle F.C)

This was a tough call to make. With a Spaniard, a Portuguese and an Argentine claiming the top three spots, there had to be at least one British manager who made the cut. That man is Newcastle's Alan Pardew. As an experienced manager, Pardew will know a thing or two about the English winter season.

For Saturday's trek to Old Trafford, the Magpies boss decided upon the suit option but with a slight twist. Unlike Martinez or Villas-Boas, here we see the introduction of a rather timely grey cardigan underneath a suit jacket and accompanying black coat for extra warmth. And with that black and white tie, the colours of Newcastle F.C, Pardew even manages to colour-coordinate his outfit. I think it's fair to say Pardew has beaten Moyes both on and off the pitch with this one.

Verdict: Is this the 'best of British'? Held up against the likes of Big Sam, Steve Clarke and Steve Bruce, I think it's fair to say Pardew tops the list.

So there you have it. These are the top four fashionable fellas that successfully manage to bring a dose of touchline chic to the sometimes ugly world of English football. Keep an eye out for the follow up article, 'The Worst Dressed of the Premier League'.

I would call it a spoiler, but frankly, it isn't. The infamous Tony Pulis tracksuit will be making an appearance.